Singer Songwriter and Guitarist

John Cessac was born in Austin, raised in Vidor, Texas. Many call him “Cowboy”. Playing now around southeast Texas he keeps country music real! Playing his own music about his life is heart felt by many, great country music with a twist of his own. Tunes you want to dance to with a voice people love to hear!

John belives no matter what genre of music they call country music it evolves like everything else, let it be what it’s gonna be. If it’s good music, it will last. Cessac started playing music full time around 2004 and moved out to Nashville for 4 years. Working on a horse ranch, just south of Nashville. Where he worked days and played music at night just about anywhere he could open a guitar case. From Arizona to Austin, Texas John has played a solo act throughout much of the US. Recently playing in Texas and Louisiana averaging around 200 shows a year. His music with is soul touching. For some musicians, country music is a profession. For John Cessac it’s been his way of life. A new album is definitely in the plans, and Texas is where he wants to be. 

John has been making music as far back as he can remember. Influenced by his family and two uncles. Bob Matthews, played steel guitar or George Jones, and his uncle Gilford Baker, just a genuine singing cowboy. George Jones was among the first influence to John. His father, Ray Cessac, was a barber in Vidor for 60 years. Jones was living in Vidor back then, sporting that Hollywood flattop you see on some of his earlier albums. John’s first break was at the age of 13 when he auditioned to play rhythm guitar for a band called The Guitar Riders of Vidor in and got the spot. He was playing behind Kevin Adams, David Burnham and Ronnie Herrera with Joey Hanes on the drums. They played every Saturday night at the Vidor Community Center and every Sunday in nursing homes. Steven Buxton, son of local legendary fiddle player Huey Buxton was John's drummer back in highschool. Another legendary fiddle player, David Varnado is now playing with John when he can. He's played with everybody from Loretta Lynn to Johnny Paycheck to the late, great Merle Haggard. 

John has played with many talented artists and has opened up for "Bag of Donuts", 2018 "Wayne Toups", "Mark Chesnutt, and The "Highway Sisters"


August 10th Fiday Night joining Dustin Kelley, til Midnight

August 10th Fiday Night joining Dustin Kelley, til Midnight

VeteranFest 2018, Beaumont, TX